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How to Remove the Lägler TRIO V-Belt

How to Remove the Lägler TRIO V-Belt

Our how-to blog posts like this one are all about helping you to solve your maintenance questions, especially when you’ve got a tight schedule and need
to keep running. But to do that, the first thing you need to know is how to tell when a part needs repair or replacement.

When to Replace the Lägler TRIO V-Belt

As much as we’d love to be able to put out a maintenance schedule that follows exact amounts of usage or length of time for certain parts, you know there
are too many variables for us to do that. Especially with rubber parts like the V-belt.

With the Lägler TRIO V-belt, if it shows signs of wear and tear, replace it. You don’t want to nitpick over squeezing out another job with a worn belt
and end up with lost time on a job site because you pushed too far. Our recommendation is to keep a spare V-belt on-hand, especially if you think the
amount of wear is questionable.

Now, on to our step-by-step instructions for how to remove the TRIO’s V-belt.

How to Remove the Lägler TRIO V-Belt

With the TRIO turned off and unplugged, follow these steps:

1. Remove the tooth belt. (Need help? Read our step-by-step instructions: “How to Change the Tooth Belt.”)

How to Remove the Lägler TRIO V-Belt

2. Bring the machine back into its upright position.

3. Loosen the cable plug of the sensor on the on/off switch by turning the ring nut counterclockwise, and pull off the cable plug off.

4. Remove the on/off switch from the chassis and hook it into the transport holder on motor switch box.

5. Pull the suction hose from the neck of the upper part of the separator.

6. Loosen the two cross-grip fasteners at the side by which the chassis is attached to machine housing and move the chassis backwards.

7. Remove the screw that fixes the V-belt guard to the fan insert.

Lägler TRIO V-Belt

8. Pull V-belt guard from its slot at the motor and put it aside.

9. Release the tension of the V-belt by carefully moving the V-belt tensioner using cranked closed-mouth wrench. The V-belt can now be disengaged from
the pulleys and the belt tensioner.

10. Release the tensioner to its regular position.

Lägler TRIO V-Belt

11. Remove the four screws that fix the motor to the machine housing and lift the motor off, keeping it in a vertical position. The V-belt now can be removed.

12. Use a vacuum to remove dust and dirt.

To get your TRIO back in action read, “How to Mount the Lägler TRIO V-Belt.”

Learn More, Earn More

Our recommendation when using any Lägler machines and parts is to maintain regularly. Nothing else will prolong the life of machine parts like being cleaned
and cared for. It will save you time and money, and help you achieve better floor sanding results.

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