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Lagler Warranty Form Online

Fill out the form below to be eligible to receive warranty coverage for your new LÄGLER® sanding machine.

LÄGLER® machines are guaranteed for a period of one (1) year from date of purchase against all manufacturing defects, including defects in materials,
providing the machine is operated and maintained in accordance with the associated owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer. Items not covered
by this guarantee include: bearings, V-belts; worn or damaged rubber on Sanding Drums unless that damage is a direct result of faulty materials or manufacturer.

This guarantee shall be void if:

  • Machine is fitted and/or operated with parts other than those recommended by the manufacturer and/or supplied by a party other than an authorized
    LÄGLER® distributor. (All parts are available at
  • Service performed on machine by any service shop that is not LÄGLER® authorized.
  • The machine has been modified or otherwise tampered with in any way.
  • The warranty registration is not completed within 14 days from the date of purchase.


Read and understand your owner’s manual before running your machine for the first time. Follow all safety guidelines and adhere to all maintenance
schedules. Much of the machine’s upkeep is easily accomplished with the aid of the included tool kit and owner’s manual. Have your machine
periodically serviced by your authorized LÄGLER® distributor. Bear in mind that service for all LÄGLER® machines at our Denver, CO facility
is available as well as valuable PST® training aimed at your getting the very most of your LÄGLER® machines. Keep machines clean for optimal
safety and performance. Never use lubricants, chemicals, sprays or cleaning solvents other than what is recommended by the owner’s manual.
Pay particular attention as to when your specific LÄGLER® machine is to have its dust bag emptied, and always handle sanding dust with care
as they carry significant hazards both for fire and health (see owner’s manual). Be cautious about the material you are sanding. Avoid sanding
fillers and finishes that have not completely cured and always use the highest quality abrasives such as LÄGLER® Abrasives. Check your power
cords regularly for damage and never plug your machine into a power source you are unsure of. Consult a licensed electrician for any uncertainty
on powering up your machine. Always use genuine LÄGLER® replacement parts on your machine.

Fill in the warranty form below and submit within two weeks of purchase of a new LÄGLER® sanding machine.

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