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Fly + Sand: Who, What, Why?

We recently wrapped up our second Lägler Fly and Sand trip of 2016. It was a new step for us and Lägler GmbH, in nearly 10 years of offering this lottery, to put together two

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Inside Look: @Clevelandwoodbee on Fly + Sand

Editor’s Note: Brandon Santiago, of Cleveland Hardwood Restoration, was one of 10 wood flooring professionals whose names were drawn as winners of this year’s annual Lägler Fly and Sand lottery. Below, is Brandon’s take on

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Lägler Certification: What is Lägler PST®?

Lägler’s certification program – Premium Sanding Technology (PST®) – is about two things: our relationships with contractors, and their success with sanding and finishing wood flooring. Many sanding professionals across the world know Lägler machines,

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