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HUMMEL. The Icon Builders.

This ain’t Vegas. What happens at the Lägler factory in Germany does not stay in the Lägler factory in Germany. It gets shipped near and far to floor guys
in 142 countries.

Take the HUMMEL. The icon in floor sanding. The HUMMEL didn’t become the most-recognized “big machine” in the industry overnight. It launched in 1969,
the world’s first belt sander. Many tens of thousands of them are the heart of flooring businesses worldwide today, whether the guy running it gets
paid in dollars, euros, pesos or pounds.

HUMMEL Manufacturing | Built by Hand in Germany

The HUMMEL is the heart of Lägler company, too, which has more than 60 years as a privately owned family business. Founded by Eugen Lägler, the legacy
continues in the hands of his son, Karleugen Lägler.

That explains a lot about the consistent quality of the machines. Steady vision, keeping the HUMMEL on-point with its past while being adaptable for the
future. Got a 40-year-old machine in need of parts? No problem. New parts fit.

Another key to this consistent quality comes from the men on the factory floor. They have a few years to a few decades of experience in the guts of that
one machine. Each man has had a part in sending thousands to tens of thousands of HUMMELs out the door and onto floors.

Start to finish, it’s these Lägler craftsmen that make HUMMEL happen. Fabricating, welding, powder coating, hand assembling, and testing the more than
100 parts assemblies for each machine.

Lägler HUMMEL. Hand Built in Germany. Hand Approved Worldwide

Few parts come from outside the factory and outside the hands of Lägler employees. But those that do are made by partners nearby, following Lägler designs
and using custom tools made in the Lägler tool shop.

This is why the Lägler HUMMEL is recognized by flooring guys worldwide. This is how it earned its rep as an icon of floor sanding. This is why we say,
“Hand Built in Germany. Hand Approved Worldwide.”

Watch the three-minute behind-the-scenes story of these men who make of the HUMMEL.

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