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Archetypal LED Coating Solutions + Lägler Sanding Course, Denver, CO, 11/11 – 11/15 2024

Class Description:

Lägler is known for its precision-engineered sanding equipment built for quality, reliability, and longevity. Archetypal is a multi-award-winning company esteemed for their work with mosaics, parquetry, LED technology, and customization opportunities for wood flooring. For the first time ever, the team at Lägler North America will come together with the industry legends at Archetypal to combine methodology and application techniques in a joint Sanding and LED Coating Solutions course at the LNA headquarters in Denver, Colorado.

Attendees will first learn the maintenance and operation of Lägler equipment as well as the PST® (Premium Sanding Technology) method for achieving consistent quality sanding results. With this foundation, the course will then go into the application fundamentals and equipment required for coating wood flooring using LED Coating Solutions and LED-cured oils. Instruction will cover application techniques as well as the preliminaries of color theory and how to create custom colors to customers’ specifications. Instruction will also cover how to easily perform touch-ups and repairs on all types of existing finishes and how to adjust colors without sanding after the finish has already been applied.

All attendees will receive a 12-color sample kit of LED Coating Solutions LED-cured oils and will have the option to buy an LED curing light for 50% off during the school and for one week after the school. $200 worth of Lägler abrasives will also be provided for each attendee.

Early registration required – only 12 slots available!


Avedis Duvenjian and Vartan Arutyunian, LED Coating Solutions by Archetypal

Austen Kreie, Lägler North America

Training Location:

12875 E. 42nd Avenue, Suite 30

Denver, CO 80239

Travel to and from Denver, from the airport to the training facility, and accommodations are the responsibility of attendees. Lunch will be provided Monday thru Friday.


There is a fee of $199 to attend this course. Once your RSVP form is submitted, you will be contacted by a Lägler North America team member within one business week to invoice you for the course. Once this fee is paid, your spot will be secured.


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