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Work With Us: Marc Schulz, VP

How can Marc help you?

  • Helps strengthen relationship between our company and customers
  • Trend and growth projections
  • Sales strategies and numbers – Marc is a pro in Excel
  • German translator extraordinaire

Qualities we love:

  • While mornings may not be his favorite, Marc tends to be one of the last people to leave the office every day, working on a range of company projects and making sure the job gets done.
  • You’ll never hear Marc say “that’s not my job.” He has experience with almost every element of the company and is willing to help where and when his expertise comes into play.

Specialty Work:

Sand and finish • Machine operations • Customer relations • Problem solving • Networking • Leveling compounds • Epoxy systems • Industry leading stains and adhesives

Industry credits:

  • NWFA Ex Officio Board Member
  • 40 Under 40 Recipient
  • Factory Trained at several finish companies
  • Attended almost all NWFA Hands-On trainings
  • Member of the NWFA Expo Planning Committee

Fun Facts:

  • According to Marc, he spends ‘way too much time’ in the tattoo shop
  • This guy makes friends anywhere he goes – no bar is safe
  • There’s a saying about him that’s made its way around various circles in both his professional and personal life… “It’s always Marc’s fault.”