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How to Mount the Lägler TRIO V-Belt

How to Mount the Lägler TRIO V-Belt

In our previous blog post, we gave step-by-step instructions for removing the Lägler TRIO V-belt.
Here are the steps for putting a new V-belt on the TRIO.

First, if your TRIO was manufactured in 1994 or earlier, you will need to keep in mind these two notes:

1. Before placing the motor, make sure the tooth belt tensioner has not fallen out of its guides.

2. The tooth belt tensioner cannot be installed with the motor in place.

Step-by-Step Instructions: How to Mount the TRIO V-Belt

1. Loop the new V-belt around the motor pulley.

2. With the new V-belt in place, lower the motor vertically onto the machine housing. Make sure the V-belt does not slide off the motor pulley and get
jammed between the motor and the machine housing. The belt must be passed through the two recesses on the machine housing.

3. Attach the motor to the machine housing by using the four fixing screws.

Mounting Lägler TRIO V-belt

4. Use the wrench to push the tensioner back against the spring, and place the V-belt into the pulleys of the ventilator and tensioner. When the V-belt
has been inserted, you can release the tensioner into its regular position.

Mounting the Lägler TRIO V-belt

5. Insert the V-belt guard into the slot at the motor and push it toward the motor.

6. Insert the fixing screw for the V-belt guard and tighten it again.

7. Reassemble the machine:

a. Roll the chassis into the attachment position and tighten the two fasteners.

b. Remove the on/off switch from the motor switch box and hook it into the holder on the chassis.

c. Insert the cable plug of the sensor into the on/off switch. Make sure the nose of the cable plug is inserted into the groove of the socket. Lock this
connection by turning the ring nut clockwise. Note: The machine will not start if the cable plug of the sensor is disconnected.

d. Mount the suction hose to the neck of the upper part of the separator.

Mounting Lägler TRIO V-belt

8. While holding onto the handle, tilt the machine backward to a horizontal position. Make sure the machine rests on the guide tube and two protective
rubber pads in a stable position on a flat surface.

9. Mount the tooth belt (Instructions: “How to Change the Tooth Belt”).

That’s it. Sand on.

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