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Jesus M.

Work With Us: Jesus Mora

How can Jesus help you?
  • Educates customers on how to use equipment
  • Helps customers find parts and place orders
  • Can help diagnose technical issues over the phone
  • Can repair any Lägler equipment
  • Speaks Spanish

What does Jesus think about working with quality equipment?

“First impressions are important when dealing with clients. You take care of your equipment and it will take care of you. Messy equipment does not provide quality results.”

Qualities We Love:

  • Very observant and meticulous, especially with repairs

  • Will treat your machine as if it were his own

  • Can always be counted on to eat two burritos a day

  • Has an incredible eye for detail and always willing to help with miscellaneous tasks

Industry Credits:

  • Lägler Repair Certified
  • PST® Certified
  • Berger-Seidle Training

Fun Facts:

  • Enjoys photography (and would much rather be behind the camera than in front of it…)
    • Highly-skilled at taking unflattering candids of people
  • Loves Volkswagens
  • Big fan of summer night drives!
Jesus M.