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Work With Us: Schawn Lawson, General Manager

How can schawn help you?

  • Encyclopedia of Lägler parts and can tell you the number without looking at a manual
  • Knowledgeable in sanding and finish techniques and considers every factor of the job whether that’s finish or stains or oil, etc.
  • Feel free to call with any questions about machines and if he doesn’t have the answer, he will find it for you

Qualities we love:

  • Never-ending work ethic
  • Answers phone on weekends
  • Always helps where needed, no matter the job
  • Helps his team continuously grow and shows them all we have to offer

Schawn's Thoughts on Having Pride in the Job:

“I take pride in everything I do here because at the end of the day, the work has my name on it. i think every human should take pride in their work, and to do that you must continually grow. I’ll always put the best efforts in to get the best results.”

Fun Facts:

  • Schawn loves to work on motorcycles in his free time
  • He can’t sit still for long so he’s constantly updating things
  • Schawn is afraid of heights but has had to conquer that fear since working at Lägler North America (he’s doing a great job of it too because his coworkers all call him “Monkey Boy”)