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Tradition and Team Green

Introducing and Learning More About Team Green: The Tradition of Team Green According to Vice President Marc Schulz

“In today’s world, business is a lot about faster production, quicker turnover and obsolescent products. There are more and more throw-away products that can’t be repaired or upgraded after a certain period of time. I take great pride working for a company and a team with a great story, history, and tradition of, producing products that last a lifetime (and beyond with the proper care and maintenance), and can always be upgraded to the newest standard. Our thinking and way of doing things reflects what our customers, partners and friends in the wood flooring industry encounter every day.”

Our motto: if we can do it in house we will, and we always strive for perfection.

Tradition runs through our team in a variety of ways. Many of our highly skilled and experienced Team Green technicians, stay(ed) with us from apprenticeship until retirement. Our production combines vintage manufacturing equipment and methods (for training and education) along with the newest CNC technology. The blending of tried-and-true techniques mixed with advancements in technology is one of my favorite aspects of this industry. Whether it’s machinery, production, or processes, modern advancements built on top of traditional methods have made our craft better than ever.

Wood floors may last a lifetime, but they can be upgraded and changed in thousands of combinations with modern stain and color finish techniques. As these manufacturing and finishing techniques have evolved, construction sites have also changed: more square footage, more lighting, more species, dimensions of flooring… Regardless, the fact remains that we are still working with a natural, living product that constantly changes and reacts to the environment around it.

Never forget- a floor is the biggest piece of furniture in the room.

Thank you for the support of our brand, the dedication for our industry and keeping the tradition alive. We are all part of Team Green!

Tradition: It’s In Our DNA
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