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The Versatility of LÄGLER

We take versatility to the next level- not just with our equipment, but also with our team.

We are proud to wear multiple hats and cross train our entire staff on all aspects of the operation. Our sales staff starts out in production and repairs. There they learn about the equipment, how the parts and machines are built, and what effect they have on the overall performance.

Our mechanics are all cross trained on every single station in production. Every team member can fulfill every job in the production line to perfection, so there’s no down times in any circumstance.

When it comes to our PST® trainers, they go through an extensive six-month training period. Instructors all must learn how to expertly install, sand, and finish hardwood flooring before being allowed to teach class. Even then, there’s still an experienced trainer on hand to act as a mentor. Many of our PST trainers are multilingual, allowing training to take place with contractors from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Regardless of their position in the company, we encourage our staff to do projects at their own houses or join one of our customers at their job sites to experience real life situations that we all encounter daily.

Going International

After an introduction period, our US staff participates in the same training schedule as the Mothership. They go through production, repairs, sales and PST® training to keep it consistent worldwide.

Our certified partners worldwide participate in maintenance, sales and PST® classes to bring the same knowledge to our loyal customers all over the world.

Versatility: It’s In Our DNA
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