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Durability and Team Green

Introducing and Learning More About Team Green: The Durability of Team Green According to Operations Manager Schawn Lawson

“In our industry, durability is 100% key- without it, you don’t have anything. With how we use our machines to the materials we install, things need to be built to last. Whether it’s the tools we’re working with or the floors we’re using them on, we want to use the best products right away so that the end results will also have that durability that lasts a lifetime.”

Durability is built into the Team Green experience starting from the very beginning. In Germany, an apprenticeship of 3-3 ½ years is required in your profession before actually having a real employment. Lägler pushes that even further- mechanics go through a 3 ½ year intense apprenticeship. Other areas like sales have to go through another at least six-month training period, going through every station and every department to learn the Team Green way. People are always interested to learn that requirement, but, by that point, you’ve really earned your place on the team.

Here at Lägler North America, I’ve done what I call the “dirtier version” of the apprenticeship. I started as a driver and worked my way up: through the warehouse, PST® training, learning how to use the machines, memorizing the different parts, how to do repairs, all the way to operations manager. I really enjoy the mindset that they’ve been able to help me unlock here.

When it comes to Lägler machines, the durability is without question. Customers from all throughout North America tell me all the time – especially regarding to the HUMMEL® – that they’re still using their first Lägler machine that they got when they first started 25 years or more ago. To me, that speaks extremely high of the Lägler brand itself, that we have machines that are lasting so long when they receive the right care. People will order a new machine but let me know that they keep their old HUMMEL® as a backup. If there’s ever a reason they need to use the old one they know they will get the same perfect results. We even have customers who are using the ELF 1 that originally belonged to their dad or even grandfather, and that’s all they use because it’s so dependable.

The reason for all of this is because the company is so durable and dependable itself. The family-owned mentality seems like it pushes from one side of the business to the other, and by that I mean from Germany to the U.S.  Not only do we have Marc Schulz from Germany here to help influence us, but when we communicate with the owner and leadership, I think there’s really a friendship and a ‘familyship’ to it. Everyone in the company is always willing to help if you have any questions- you are just a phone call, a text, or an email away. I think putting that importance into other people makes them feel very valued, and if you want a company to succeed and endure, it really helps to have those family values in the mix.

Building on that same note, the business wouldn’t amount to anything if it weren’t for the durability of the relationships we have with our customers. That’s because we want and are encouraged to build relationships with them.

We’re actually here for you when something comes up, we want to take care of you and make sure nothing is going to go wrong- and if something does, we have your back.

Durability- It’s In Our DNA
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