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Lägler Certification: What is Lägler PST®?

Lägler’s certification program – Premium Sanding Technology (PST®) – is about two things: our relationships with contractors, and their success with sanding and finishing wood flooring.

Many sanding professionals across the world know Lägler machines, especially the HUMMEL®, the TRIO and the FLIP®. Those are the three sanders used during the one-day certification class. PST® is about showing you how to maximize efficiency on the job while getting consistent, top-quality results with those machines.

Since Lägler created PST® and starting offering it at its headquarters in Güglingen-Frauenzimmern, Germany, employees of more than 2,500 companies have been PST® certified.

What Is Lägler’s PST® Method?

The Premium Sanding Technology method is about consistency on the job. It’s about maximizing efficiency. It’s about applying the same exacting process no matter the species or pattern of wood flooring, and getting the same, top-quality results every time.

Hint: It’s HUMMEL®, FLIP®, TRIO, FLIP®, TRIO, FLIP®, TRIO. With the proper uses and grit sequence taught during PST® training.

What Is Covered in PST® Training?

The one-day course starts with an hour of classroom time, covering:

  • History about treatment of wood floors
  • Types and uses of different machines
  • Ergonomics of handling the machines
  • Job safety (e.g. dust emissions)
  • Sanding techniques
  • Grit sequences

The rest of the class is hands-on training, using the HUMMEL®, TRIO and FLIP® with the PST® grit sequence. The PST® trainer will use a stopwatch to time each step in the sequence, showing how time is saved throughout the process. You also learn tips for use and care of the machines.

How Much Does Lägler Certification Cost?

Straight out, the price of attending PST® is cheap. Class sizes are kept small to maximize each participant’s opportunity to be hands-on and get questions answered. At $275 total for up to five attendees per company, it is not a money-maker for Lägler.

The pre-paid registration for PST® is about receiving the commitment of those who signup, and it goes toward covering some of our training expenses. For example: flooring supplies, training materials and your lunch.


Why Does Lägler Offer PST® Training?

Relationships. Serving customer needs. The more face-to-face time we get with customers, the better it is for all of us. We don’t just teach, we learn.

We also take the long view. For example, a HUMMEL® is built to last for more than 30 years, if properly used and maintained. So PST® helps you know how best to use and care for your machines.

Of course, we don’t sell as many machines, because they are built to last. But when you understand how to get the most out of them, how to trust your machines day in and day out, you know you can trust us too. When you do need something, like parts or information, we’re here.

Our goal is to help you succeed in business for the long-term. That helps us to have a strong business future, too.

PST® training is offered in three locations:

  • Lägler North America in Denver
  • KHR Floor Sanding Supplies in Southampton, U.K.
  • Lägler GmbH in Germany

To schedule PST® training for you and your crew, fill out the form below or call us at 800-8-HUMMEL