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The Most Popular, Most Helpful Lägler N.A. Content of 2016

We’re doing what people do at the end of one year, beginning of another. We look back at what we did well and what we can improve. We always want to keep
doing better.

That runs from machine designs and production at the factory in Germany to customer service, certification training and every way we connect with you pros
online here in North America.

We kicked off a new, mobile-friendly website in 2016. With it came a blog, and we started social media pages on Instagram, Facebook,
Twitter and YouTube. We started making videos and answering top questions you have about using and
maintaining Lägler machines.

Added up, you all spent about five work weeks of the year learning from the content on our blog. That’s a great start, and we aim to build on that in the
coming year.

Here’s a recap, highlighting the most popular how-to topics and just plain fun social media posts.

What is Lägler Premium Sanding Technology (PST) Certification Training?


Lägler Certification: What is Lägler PST?

Our most viewed blog page. Like we say in that post, our training program is about two things:

1. Building relationships with contractors, letting them know we are the true resource about Lägler machines and we’re ready to help.

2. Helping contractors to maximize success with their sanding and finishing businesses.

In this post, we describe the Lägler process that gets you the most out of every floor while taking the least time on the job. Greatest efficiency for
the flattest floors. We tell what the one-day certification course costs and why we offer it at a financial loss to ourselves.

Nothing builds trust like truth and, of course, quality machines you can count on for many years. That’s what we bank on every day.

Read the full post, “Lägler Certification: What is Lägler PST?


Not surprisingly, HUMMEL blog posts are a favorite among all our topics. It’s the most popular Lägler machine in North America, and is used by many thousands
across the world.

How to Replace a Lägler HUMMEL Sanding Drum

This post tells the two most important things to know about the HUMMEL drum. It also includes step-by-step instructions.

The video in this post shows proof that the HUMMEL design maintains its nearly 50 years of original engineering while also taking on all the parts that
have been refined along those many years. New parts on, say, a 1983 machine? No problem. Maintain and roll on.

Read the full post, “How to Replace a Lägler HUMMEL Sanding Drum.”

Why You Should Sand Wood Floors at an Angle and Left to Right | Lägler North America Blog

Why You Should Sand Wood Floors at an Angle + Left to Right

We’ve refined our thinking on sanding at an angle. For example, we used to recommend cutting at an angle for the first pass, and then with the direction
of a straight-laid floor for finer grits.

Now, we recommend using at least a slight angle for each pass. It’s all about getting the flattest results.

We also explain why to sand left to right as you move across the field of a room, and why you should not sand right to left, if you want to achieve the
best results.

Read the full post, “Why You Should Sand Wood Floors at an Angle + Left to Right.”

4 Reasons Not to Use a Wire-Brush Drum with a Lägler HUMMEL

We know the wire-brushed look is especially cool with current trends in wood flooring. But we also know the reasons you don’t want to throw a wire-brush
drum on your HUMMEL for that job.

What did we say about truth above? Truth builds trust, and trust us when we say we are focused on quality floors and offering the best information we have
to you.

Read the full post, “4 Reasons Not to Use a Wire-Brush Drum with a Lägler HUMMEL.”

Do you have Lägler HUMMEL questions and helpful content ideas? Use the Contact link in the menu heading above to submit your suggestions.
We want to tackle all the information that will be helpful to you in the field with future blog and video posts.


The FLIP edger finally is getting its due in North America. The machine was launched in 2001 in Germany, and now is becoming much more widely known and
used here. Search #LaglerFLIP on
Instagram to see photos and videos from some of the guys who are using it — and bragging about it — across the land.

How to Use the Lägler FLIP Corner Attachment | Lägler North America Blog

How to Use the Lägler FLIP Corner Attachment

How do you handle room corners, around pipes, and between railing balusters? You could scrape. You could use an orbital sander in some of those spots.
But the FLIP corner attachment is the high-speed tool that knocks it all out the cleanest and quickest.

The FLIP is sold with the short and corner attachments, and this blog post includes tips for using both.

Read the full post, “How to Use the FLIP Corner Attachment.”

How to Adjust Lägler FLIP Sanding Pressure

Like everything with Lägler machines, the engineers have lightened the pro’s load on the job. With the FLIP, don’t burn out your shoulders to add a touch
of pressure here or there. Just use as recommended.

This blog post gives step-by-step instructions for making sure the FLIP is cutting as expected. It tells how to set the pressure based on which attachment
you’re using, and in only of seconds of effort on the job.

The CAD drawings in this post also show what goes wrong when you’re edger is running on off-kilter settings like an old sea captain with an uneven peg

Read the full post, “How to Adjust FLIP Sanding Pressure.”

What Lägler FLIP questions and helpful content ideas do you have? Tell us, using the Contact link in the menu heading above. We want to
turn those questions into useful blog and video posts to help everyone #LearnMoreEarnMore.


What is a surefire way to know when a floor sanding guy doesn’t own a TRIO and hasn’t participated in Lägler’s Premium Sanding Technology (PST®)
certification training? He calls the machine a buffer and thinks it slows down the process.

For those who know better, we’re building our how-to TRIO content. For those who want to test-drive a TRIO and see why so many others swear by it, read,
What is Lägler PST?
and get in touch with us.

How the Lägler TRIO Sanding Disc Arrows Help You to Extend the Life of Your Abrasives | Lägler North America Blog

Lägler TRIO: Sanding Disc Arrows + Abrasives

Let’s veer off the path for a minute. Have you ever noticed on the gas gauge in your truck that arrow next to the little silhouette of the gas pump that
either points left or right? It’s a reminder, showing you on which side of the vehicle your gas tank is when you pull up to the pump at the gas station.

Well, the TRIO has a similar reminder on its three sanding discs. This blog post tells why the arrows cast in the plate are there and how that plays a
part in extending the life of your abrasives.

The post also talks hard plates and donuts. Getting hungry? Read the full post, “Lägler TRIO: Sanding Disc Arrows + Abrasives.”

How to Clean the Lägler TRIO Filter

What are the three things you need to know about cleaning the TRIO filter? What is the one thing you really shouldn’t ever do and, we’re willing to bet,
you or someone on your crew has done?

This post includes a super-short video and the three simple steps you should use to clean your filter in only seconds.

Read the full post, “How to Clean the Lägler TRIO Filter.”

How to Dismantle and Reassemble the Lägler TRIO Filter Unite | Lägler North America Blog

How to Dismantle + Reassemble the TRIO Filter Unit

Right off the top, this post tells three signals it’s time to get into your filter unit for some basic maintenance.

Don’t push the TRIO to the side, because you aren’t sure what’s wrong. And don’t use time and money to have someone else handle it. You’ve got this.

Step-by-step instructions in this post lay out exactly what you need to know. It’s also good to keep your manual handy. Read when in need.

Read the full blog post, “How to Dismantle + Reassemble the Lägler TRIO Filter Unit.”

What Lägler TRIO questions and blog/video ideas do you have? The Contact link in the menu heading above is your path to telling us. We
can turn your question – which likely is a common question many others have – into helpful blog content for everyone.


We started a YouTube channel this past year. It’s great for embedding videos in our blog posts. If you watch as much on YouTube as you do on TV, like your kids do, look us up and

But we also post our videos on Instagram and Facebook, where these videos (mostly how-to) add up many times more views. (If you aren’t promoting your business
on social media and want to learn, give these blog posts a look: “Social Media for Wood Flooring Pros
and “Interview with a Contractor: Social Media Success.”)

So view our videos using whatever app you favor. Below is one of our most popular, “How to Replace a HUMMEL Sanding Drum.”

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