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Work With Us: Russ Watts, Technical Specialist

How can Russ help you?

  • Russ has many years of experience and any problems you may have with a floor sander or floor sanding it is most likely something he has dealt with many times over the years.
  • Prides himself in communicating with people that have problems in floor sanding that leads to a quick solution and has immediate impact.

Qualities we love:

  • Russ gets excited when he gets the opportunity to visit a jobsite and help solve problems
  • Anything that presents an opportunity to learn something new gets Russ excited, especially when it is a challenge. Even though he is our machine expert, there are still combinations out there that can align and become a problem. “I guess you can say I’m an industry sleuth of some means”
  • Russ can hear what’s wrong with machines over the phone
  • Our own personal HUMMEL® Whisperer

What Russ Has to Say on Quality Equipment:

“Without quality equipment, you’re probably not at the job for the right reasons. The right reasons to be at a jobsite Are to be happy and enthused about what you are doing, be rewarded financially, and have personal fulfillment. Do it for the love of the work and the love of the moment when you see your customers’ reaction to what you’ve created for them.”

Fun Facts:

  • Russ likes to hunt and fish
  • Ride motorcycles
  • Eat great food: At the moment his favorite food is some kind of sandwich – the sandwiches of the world are fascinating to Russ. He knows it’s controversial, but Russ believes bacon is overrated and hamburgers are sandwiches.