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The Precision of LÄGLER

Whether we are using hand tools, milling and turning equipment from the 60s, or state of the art CNC equipment, for us it is all about precision.

Our tolerances are measured in microns. As a basis of comparison, the thickness of human hair is 50 microns. The balancing of our parts is and always has been done in house from the start, with tolerances in the milligrams. When it comes to manufacturing our machine parts, we can make cuts as thin as a human hair which are almost not visible to the human eye (we can only notice differences down to 40 microns).

Every step along the way gets checked and measured. Even our newest CNC equipment which is built with internal measurement features that check the tolerances of the part while working on it gets checked by the machine operator. The machine is only as good as the man operating it: he takes every part after each production step and checks it with; calipers, dial gauge, scales and balancing tools. Every tool and every measuring device get tested for accuracy, torque, and overall performance on a regular schedule to ensure they are working precisely.

Working with Surgery Precision Using Sheer Strength

Most of our specialty tools, mounting devices and casting molds are made in house. So are the more than 100 pressing tools for sheet metal forming. Our biggest press operates with 150 tons of pressure in micron tolerances.

Bending It to the Right Degree

We bend all necessary machine components, such as the HUMMEL® dust stack, in house to the exact degree necessary, ensuring that every machine, every part comes out the same and fits even the oldest piece of equipment.

Precision: It’s In Our DNA
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