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How (and Why) to Level the Wheels of the Lägler HUMMEL®

How to Level the Wheels of the Lägler HUMMEL®

OK, so you’re on your way into the house, carrying your HUMMEL. It gets dropped. It takes a lot to throw out of whack the wheel setting on your Lägler
HUMMEL® but it can happen in a moment like this. Seeing and fixing the misalignment is super-easy once you’re in the house and ready to
fire up.

Top Two Things You Need to Know

1. How to know your Lägler HUMMEL wheels are not level with each other

2. How to realign the wheels of the Lägler HUMMEL for best sanding

How to Know If Your HUMMEL Wheels Are Aligned

If the wheels are not set at the same height, the machine will lean slightly. That will cause uneven wear on the abrasive that will be obviously visible
on the belt. And an off-center mark will be obvious if you tap a footprint on the floor to test the cut. An uneven machine will leave an uneven mark
on the floor.

When the wheels are set properly, the center of the drum is where the cutting happens, so you will see a symmetrical sanding footprint on the floor and
even wear on the sanding belt. [Note: This is why you should not dress a Lägler drum. It is designed for cutting from the high spot of the drum to
improve sand paper tracking. It also prevents the edges of the paper making contact with the floor and leaving lines.]

The short video above shows the difference between an uneven sanding mark and one that is nicely balanced at the center of the drum.

/_photos/WheelLeveling-drawing.JPGHow to Level the Wheels of the Lägler HUMMEL

How to Adjust HUMMEL Wheels for Best Sanding

Like basic maintenance with all Lägler machines, there is a simple Lägler tool for the job. And, if you bought your HUMMEL new, the tool for leveling the
wheels came with the machine. Don’t have the tool? Check with your area Lägler dealer or on our website using these part numbers: P233 (Lägler N.A.) and (manufacturer). You also will need a 13mm wrench for loosening the tension screw of the adjustable wheel (one comes
with buying a new HUMMEL).

The wheel on the belt-guard side is fixed in position with a screw. The wheel on the other side is adjustable, and the tension screw for that is marked
on the machine with a black arrow. Your goal is to move the adjustable wheel up or down as needed to set it at the same height as the position of the
fixed wheel.

The video above is a quick how-to demonstration for setting your HUMMEL wheels at the same height.

2 Tips for Leveling the Wheels of Your HUMMEL

If you are cutting more heavily to the left, the adjustable wheel will need to be lowered toward the floor, taking it a little further down out of the
“wheel well.” (See A and B in drawing below.)

If you are cutting more heavily to the right, or belt-guard, side, the adjustable wheel will need to be raised, sliding it a bit further up into the wheel
well of the machine housing. (See C and D in drawing below.)

How to Adjust Lägler HUMMEL Wheels

Learn about best uses and maintenance of the Lägler HUMMEL, TRIO and FLIP on the Lägler North America blog, and by participating
in Lägler’s Premium Sanding Technology (PST®) one-day certification training course.

Floor sanding professionals in North America can call us at 1-800-8-HUMMEL (1-800-848-6635) for answers to technical and sales questions, and to schedule
PST certification training.

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