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Precision and Team Green

Introducing and learning more about Team Green: The Precision of Team Green According to Sales Specialist Michelle Stavich

“Today’s world is so fast moving- everyone wants things immediately, right here and right now! This is where the importance of precision comes in. Precision gives us the ability to get something done perfectly, and get it done right the first time.”

I take great pride in working for a company and with a team that strives for precision in everything we do. From the manufacturing process of our materials and the assembly of the machines, to the quality of floors that our machines produce, there is great care taken in every step. Our standard of precision is passed down to our customers.

The precision in our manufacturing is top of the line. The combination of vintage equipment with new state-of-the-art methods and CNC technology creates a premium product. Our products are 85% manufactured in house. The quality of the parts and the precision that goes into manufacturing these items is very carefully thought out and put into place. There are techniques that have evolved that make sure every piece of material is perfectly identical and will work seamlessly with one another. One man builds one machine on a workstation to make sure that it’s exactly as it should be so there can then be precision in the floors that are sanded by that machine.

Our goal is to assist and transfer our knowledge about sanding floors so that customers can also sand with great precision and achieve quality results each and every time.

The floors that our machines are being put to use on can last a lifetime. These machines can last a lifetime too! There is nothing greater than a finished product that is done perfectly the first time around. With the help of our LÄGLER equipment and PST® class, everyone can sand with precision!

Precision: It’s In Our DNA
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