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Versatility and Team Green

Introducing and Learning More About Team Green: The Versatility of Team Green According to Technical Specialist Russ Watts

“Today’s hardwood floor job sites are more demanding than ever before, and that means you must be equipped to tackle a wide range of tasks at peak efficiency if you are going to be successful.”

Versatility is the key word here, and having both the tools and the know-how to forge ahead through all the hang-ups a job can offer permeates into just about every attribute you have to offer your customers as a wood flooring professional.

At Lägler, the diversity of tasks that the wood flooring professional faces job in and job out is of paramount interest. Any sanding machine worthy of the Lägler name must not only excel at its baseline duties, it also must be deftly adaptable to conquer the variables inevitably encountered. Lägler machines not only sand the field and edges, they go deep into corners, under cabinets and radiators, between stair spindles and other places that beg for power sanding.

Additionally, each machine in the primary Lägler lineup (HUMMEL®, TRIO, FLIP® and SINGLE) all feature available accessories that utilize cutting media such as carbide or PCD aimed at giving your Lägler sanding machines capabilities far beyond the limits of sandpaper.  TRIO now has wire brush disc systems for adding distressed texturing to a wood floor’s surface, marking once again that versatility is key at Lägler’s R&D Division.

As a team member at Lägler North America, the training we undergo places versatility in helping our customers at the very top. When you call our hotline, we are all about helping you decide which machine or accessory will best suit the needs you express. Need help ordering parts? We are there. Something broken or not working at its best? Give us the chance to help. We have that versatility because each and every one of us firmly believes in it and operates by it.

Versatility: It’s In Our DNA
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