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NWFA Sand + Finish Training at Lägler N.A.

Guest Post by Brett Miller, NWFA VP of Education & Certification

For those of you who think you don’t have time for training, think again. Certainly, there is no better feeling than being “too busy” to take time off
for career development, but what if you could learn new skills that could make you more efficient, more valuable to your customers, and most of all,
more profitable? All of that is possible with National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA) training.

NWFA offers the most well-rounded, unbiased training available for wood flooring professionals. NWFA training provides attendees with the opportunity to
try a wide variety of products and equipment in a risk-free environment. Lägler North America will host the NWFA’s Intermediate Sand & Finish class
October 3-5 at its training facility in Denver.

NWFA Sand + Finish Training at Lägler North America

This three-day event provides extensive hands-on sand & finish training for those with at least one year of experience. Attendees will learn:

  • How to approach different situations in the sanding process
  • How to refine scratch patterns
  • How and why it is important to produce a profile on the flooring surface adequate for the finish being used
  • Proper use and maintenance of tools
  • Repair techniques
  • Maintenance coats on existing floors
  • Select finishing techniques that will yield top-quality results

Other specific techniques will include board replacements, hand-scraping, repairing finish imperfections, and recoating/refinishing factory finished floors.
Techniques for working with the arid environmental conditions unique to areas like Denver, which impact the finishing process will be one of the unique
features of this class as well.

If you want to step up your game even further, and have the opportunity to be ranked at the top of our consumer website search, NWFA Certified Professionals Sand & Finish Certification
will be offered as well. Earning NWFA Sand & Finish Certification requires a hands-on test and a written test, as well as three years of sand &
finish experience.

[NWFA Sand & Finish Certification can be doubled with Lägler Premium Sanding Technology (PST) Certification,
in the same hands-on test.]

NWFA member Joe Avila, owner of Huggins Wood Floor Specialist in Westfield, NJ, shared the value of his NWFACP certification: “Many customers say they
found me on the NWFA Find-a-Professional search feature and hired me because of my certifications.”

Take the next step in your wood flooring career. Get hands-on with NWFA at Lägler North America. Space is limited. Sign up today.

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