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How to Dismantle + Reassemble the Lägler TRIO Filter Unit

It’s easy to dismantle and reassemble the Lägler TRIO filter unit. You know it’s time to do this if:

  • You are needing to clean the filter more often than each time you change dust bags
  • The machine’s suction has decreased
  • Dust is being emitted into the environment during use

Cleaning the Lägler TRIO filter starts with the wing screw on top (Read “How to Clean the Lägler TRIO Filter”).

If you have used the wing screw and its attached rod with brushes (inside the filter unit) to knock the dust from your TRIO filter, but the machine is
showing signs of decreased suction and increased dust emission, it’s time to take cleaning the next level.

How to Remove the TRIO Filter Unit

To remove the clogged filter, first ensure the TRIO is turned off and the power supply is disconnected, then:

  1. Unseat the cable plug of the sensor on top of the on/off switch by turning the ring nut and pulling off the cable plug.
  2. Unhook the on/off switch from the chassis and hook it onto transport holder on the front of the switchbox (to the left of the motor).
  3. Remove the dust suction hose from the neck of the dust separator.
  4. Before removing the filter cover, slide a flooring board between the closed dust containment cylinder and the chassis to prevent the cylinder from
    falling during removal.
  5. Remove the four cap nuts on top of the filter unit/separator cover and lift the cover off the machine.
  6. Lift the filter out of the filter casing to clean or replace it, as needed.

How to Reassemble the TRIO Filter Unit

  1. Before inserting the cleaned or new TRIO filter, make sure the rubber seals are in the groove on the filter.
  2. Slide the filter onto the four screws from above, being careful not to damage the filter.
  3. When placing the cover back onto the machine, insert the perforated metal into the cover so that it touches the inside of the ridge.
  4. Put the washers on the screws that stick out the cover and put the cap nuts back on loosely; do not tighten yet.
  5. If necessary, open the flap on the dust containment cylinder for access to the bottom part of the fourth screw to ensure it is reseated properly. Remember
    to put the washer on the fourth screw before placing the cap nut back on.
  6. Using the wingnut on top of the filter unit, push the cleaning slide all the way down.
  7. Check the relative positions of all the parts again before tightening the cap nuts, and tighten them with care not to bend the cover in the process.
  8. Unhook the on/off switch from the transport holder and replace in its working position below the machine’s handle.
  9. Insert the plug of the sensor back onto the on/off switch and secure the ring nut.
  10. Put the suction hose back on and reconnect the TRIO to the power supply.

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