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How to Clean the Lägler TRIO Filter

Have you seen our tag #MaintenanceMatters? We use it on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Because it’s true, maintenance matters to your machines and your business’ success. Plus, we like to talk about the matters of maintenance.

So here’s another one that should be happening every day when you use your Lägler TRIO fine wood floor sanding machine.

Three things to know about cleaning the TRIO fine sanding machine filter unit:

  1. The filter should be cleaned after each dust bag change; it only takes a few moments.
  2. Do not blow compressed air into the dust bag container or the neck of the suction hose; it can damage the pressure control sensor.
  3. Failing to clean the filter unit will decrease dust suction, make the TRIO perform less efficiently, and dust emission into the environment will increase.

Three Steps to Basic Cleaning of the TRIO Filter

There are only three steps to knock the dust out of the filter and into the dust bag, assuming you already have turned off and unplugged the machine. These steps only take five seconds:

  • Grab the wing screw on top of the filter unit on top of the TRIO, then gently pull it upward. That moves the cleaning rod and brushes located inside
    the filter unit. Watch the video above to see how the TRIO’s internal filter cleaning system works.
  • Slowly turn the wing screw side to side, back and forth; then move it up and down a few times, knocking dust into the dust bag.
  • When finished with step two, push the wing screw/slide all the way down, or the machine’s suction will be decreased.

If these simple steps do not sufficiently clean the filter or if it seems like you are needing to repeat this cleaning process too often, the filter likely
is clogged.

In that case, you need to dismantle the filter unit for more thorough cleaning. Read “How to Dismantle and Reassemble the Lägler TRIO Filter Unit.”

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