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How to Use the Lägler FLIP Corner Attachment

Flexibility of tools on the job stands out. And the Lägler FLIP, with its corner attachment, can be one of the difference-makers on the job site.

If you use a FLIP, you know the short attachment well, and maybe the long one. You run the FLIP clockwise with those, following the machine’s designed
rotation (arrow on top of the attachment reminds you the disc is turning to the right). With the short and long attachments, you can cover the edges
of rooms, get under cabinets and radiators, and handle stairs.

But how do you handle small or narrow spots, like around pipes, or between spindles/balusters of a railing on stairs, or the corners? Do you scrape? Sand
by hand?

The corner attachment is designed to help you knock out those tight spots with ease and speed. (Watch a quick video example of the FLIP being used between the spindles from Rende Flooring’s @callmetito on Instagram.)

In fact, with its smaller 2 3/8” (60 mm) sanding plate diameter, the FLIP’s rotation cranks at a speed that makes it even more aggressive than its larger
counterparts, making corners quick-hit work. The disc diameter for the short and long attachments is more than
double the size at almost 6″ (150 mm). The RPM when using the corner attachment is 9,300 compared to 3,720 RPM when using the short or long attachments.

Because of that, this is the number one tip for using the FLIP corner attachment to take away from this blog post: Sand counter-clockwise.

That will help you to control the hyper-aggression that naturally comes with a smaller disc’s rotation speed, and reduce the heat that speed and increased
friction cause.

But there is more we recommend you keep in mind.

3 More Things to Know When Using the FLIP Corner Attachment

> Set the FLIP’s wheels at the same position as when using the short attachment

> Use a flexible foam hook-and-loop donut between the sanding plate and the abrasive

> Use the finest grit the situation allows

When changing the abrasive, if the disc and donut on the machine are hot after use, let them cool before pulling the abrasive off the donut. Otherwise,
pulling on the abrasive can lead to the foam donut separating and needing to be replaced.

Bonus tip: Have a spare donut setup with the next grit you need ready to go. That way, you can pull the used abrasive and donut off the
sanding plate as one piece, and set it to the side to cool before removing the disc from the donut. With your new abrasive disc already set to go on
your second donut, you’re ready to put it on the corner attachment and keep on moving.

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Corner Attachment, Complete: P1253 from
Lägler North America; 335.01.00.100 (Global manufacturer number)

“Foam Donut”/Flexible Velcro Ring, Corner: P1262;

Abrasives for FLIP Corner Attachment: CFLIP40,

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