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How To Remove the Lägler HUMMEL Motor

The Lägler HUMMEL weighs about 175 pounds. That weight is important for sanding wood floors with the HUMMEL, but it’s no doubt tough on your back when
carrying the machine for long.

Any of you who have worked a multi-story job alone and have lifted it up a flight or two of stairs without taking off the motor know what I’m talking about.

Here are simple instructions, as shown in the short how-to video below and on our Lägler North America YouTube channel, to separate the HUMMEL motor from its chassis to make much lighter
work of carrying the machine.

Tools Needed to Remove the HUMMEL Motor

The tools you might need are:

  • Box wrench (LNA #P232 | Mfr. # or channel lock pliers
  • 6 mm hex wrench
  • 17 mm crescent wrench

Easy Step-by-Step Instructions for Removing the HUMMEL Motor

Step 1: Make sure the sanding drum of the HUMMEL is raised off the floor and that the machine is turned off and unplugged.

Step 2: Open the belt guard by loosening its screw, using a 6 mm hex wrench, if needed, and swinging the guard out of the way.

Step 3: Release the tension in the drive V-belts by loosening the eye bolt. Use a 17 mm wrench, if needed, to initially loosen the bolt.

Step 4: Remove the drive belts from both pulleys.

Step 5: Disconnect the kill-switch cord.

Step 6: Loosen the two motor nuts enough to allow you to pull the motor off the HUMMEL chassis. Do not completely remove the motor nuts.

To re-attach the motor to the HUMMEL, perform the steps listed above in reverse order.

When replacing and re-tensioning the drive belts, the trick is to tighten the eye bolt until there is one-quarter inch of flex in the belts. Don’t just
screw the eye bolt down to the exact same spot it was in prior to removing the motor.

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