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4 Reasons Not to Wire-Brush with a HUMMEL

If you know Lägler, you know it stands for quality.

You also probably know that if you stand for something, you’ve got to say “no” to something else. For Lägler, that means putting out quality products and
saying “no” to subpar products.

So, when we get asked about wire-brush sanding drums – Does Lägler make them? Can another company’s wire-brush drums be used with the HUMMEL? – our answers
are based on our love of quality.

No, Lägler does not manufacture wire-brushed sanding drums. Not anymore. We learned (see list below).

Yes, another company’s wire-brush drums can be used on the HUMMEL. But we recommend against using them with the HUMMEL.

We understand wire-brushed wood flooring is popular. We know that means there is money in it for whoever can produce that distressed floor look, whether
it’s the wood flooring manufacturer or a contractor with the hand-crafting skills.

We recommend not using a HUMMEL to achieve the wire-brushed look. Four reasons are:

  1. The HUMMEL operates at RPMs that are too high for that effect. It is too heavy and applies too much pressure on the wire-brush drum.
  2. When the steel wires bend, clump and break, the wire-brush drum ends up throwing the HUMMEL out of balance, damaging the drum shaft, the bearings and
    the fan unit. It causes chatter on the floor.
  3. When the wires are damaged, the drum also causes inconsistent patterns of brush marks in the floor. For example, clumped wires overdo it in spots while
    other places are not brushed at all.
  4. Floor edges can’t be reached with the HUMMEL. This leaves two options for finishing the wire-brushed look:

    a. Wire-brush by hand, which is time-consuming and expensive.

b. Use a different machine, which will create a different look than what the HUMMEL produced in the field. The second machine likely will operate with
a different RPM and pressure level.

Wire-brushed floors are popular for a reason. We get it. But we go all-in for the quality of our products, staying in our lane to be the best at what we
do. After all, there is a reason the HUMMEL is iconic in the wood flooring industry and so well-known across the globe.

Knowing the HUMMEL isn’t the right machine for wire-brushing work, we don’t pretend.

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