Lagler Warranty Form Online

Fill out the form below to be eligible to receive warranty coverage for your new Lägler sanding machine.

Lägler sanding machines are guaranteed for one year from date of purchase. This warranty covers manufacturing defects when the machine has been operated and maintained as recommended by Lägler. Proper use and maintenance will be determined by Lägler.

Rubber parts -- such as V-belts, bearings and drum rubber -- are not covered under this warranty. One exception is if the drum rubber bubbles due to improper adhesion.

This warranty will be void if:

  • Machine parts are replaced with new parts other than those recommended by the manufacturer (Lägler) and supplied by an authorized Lägler distributor
  • The machine has been tampered with
  • This warranty form was not submitted (online or by mail) within 14 days of date of purchase

Recommendations for machine maintenance, along with those in the manufacturer's machine operation and maintenance manuals are:

  • Keep machines clean for safer and better performance
  • Keep hands dry, clean and free of oil, grease and dust while using the machines or performing maintenance
  • Follow instructions for lubricating and changing accessories
  • Inspect power cords periodically and replace, if damaged or needed
  • Do not lubricate the HUMMEL lever (P080)
  • Always use original HUMMEL dust bag (P225) to ensure proper suction and dust pickup
  • Use a respiration mask when emptying the HUMMEL dust bag, which should be done when the bag is one-quarter to one-third full
  • Empty the HUMMEL dust bag in a well-ventilated area
  • Remove the upper roller drive unit weekly for inspection and maintenance (P107)

Fill in the warranty form below and submit within two weeks of purchase of a new Lägler sanding machine.


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