Premium Sanding Technology (PST®)

Maximize Efficiency. Produce Predictable Results.

Eugen Lägler GmbH's Premium Sanding Technology (PST®) training is designed to help sand-and-finish professionals boost their bottom lines by producing predictable results that increase jobsite quality and efficiency.

More than 2,500 companies worldwide are benefiting from PST certification achieved in exclusive groups (up to five). The one-day training course (8 a.m. - 4 p.m.) is offered at our new Lägler North America facility in Denver.

Learn more. Read "Lägler Certification: What is Lägler PST?" on our blog, and contact us to register for training.

Lasting Benefits of Lägler PST Training

  • Knowledge of maximum efficiency on the jobsite
  • Reduced physical strain using sanding machines
  • Higher-quality results that exceed expectations
  • Minimized customer complaints + callbacks

How to Schedule Lägler PST Training

  • Call 800-848-6635 or email
  • Choose an available date that suits your company
  • Pay nonrefundable $275 total fee* by credit card